photo by Spiros Stergiou

JORJE was born and raised in Athens in 1991. He is a talented guy, with quite a few features.

A local skater and quite impressive photographer (Check

He also can find love in the mountain and the sea. Jorje began snowboarding at the age of 13. He then found new interest in skateboarding. Since then Jorje has become one of Greece's finest. Aside of being a dreamer, he always finds time to work at a photography studio, ride his skateboard and having a "few" drinks...

Favorite trick: Kickflip
Favorite quotes: " The idea is to die young as late as possible"
Favorite skater: Heath Kirchart

Find him on Instagram: jorje_triping
Find him on FB: jorje.triping

photo by Maliakos Nikos

photo by Chen Zuo